Saturday, December 25, 2004

Today, I have to say goodbye to the INERNET world for 2 months,, what a nightmare! i had never did so from since i knew what online life is (about 4 years ago), so these two months are not going to pass easily, there are many things that make you come online, there is always a relation between surfing the net and fulfiling the fire of curiosity, and also i love my blog, but the is a fact thati cant write well with a busy nervouse mind,,,

i will come back, wait for me...


by the way: "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Winter is here now. i don't like this dark cold season, it's in winter that you can see the ugly monster of poverty, it puts away his mask and you can see the disgusting face behind it.

i know i know, this is an old story, there has always been poor people and rich people, 2 separate class, there's nothing new about it. but i don't know why i can't close my eyes on it, there are some people out there who are feeling cold! there are some children who are suffering and nobody cares!

small children with small hands which are red because of coldness, they walk on streets, try to sell something to people who are passing, i wish i could help them, they shouldn't be on streets that time at night! we all go to our warm comfortable houses, without caring about thousands of dangers that may be waiting for the ennocent street children... we leave them alone in the hell! shame on us... shame on all those gentlemen and ladies who are being paid each months for the job they don't really do!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

In the morning, about 1 hour after i get up, i should crawl to that brawn desk with the papers on it waiting for me to study them... what a difficult thing to do! in each 30 minutes that i study, i get to the kitchen visiting the fridge for about 5 times, turn on TV and turn it off again for several times, and my mind keeps travelling to different places, i always have to take care of my imagination not to letting it fly too far!! study without consentration is just like writing with water instead of ink! it disappears after few seconds....

Thursday, December 02, 2004

This is an email that i got from an iranian man who has been living in Canada for a year. he thinks that Despite the Mullah Regime, living in Iran will bring the most joy to every single Iranian. his point of view is so interesting to me.

"...Being in Iran will bring the most joy because its the only place where you are just like the others. You have the same ideas, thinking methods, looking, feeling, heritage, and many and many other overlaps with your own people. Being in a foreign country might help you to make more money and be free. But, think about it, if you come here, you will be like a flower that has came to another place with a completely different climate. You will soon deteriorate in this climate. Everyone feels, acts, thinks, works, and lives different. They don't understand you. You are not important to them. But, I confess that you are right about the government and poverty over there. And I confess that I can't stand living over there. But I always have a strange feeling that persuades me to come back to Iran.

Now, about why are Iranians so unique, I must confess that I don't completely understand. Iranian friendship and relations are always more powerful than here. People really enjoy being together. uncles, aunts, grand parents, and the rest of the relatives enjoy being together. They spend more time together and don't feel as lonely as people in foreign countries. Many people commit suicide over here for the lack of somebody to care for them. Many parents kick their children out at the age of 18. Many children get rid of their parents by putting them in nursing companies when they get old. Everyone feels a lack of love, and group life over here. Everyone is lonely. If many girls in Iran escape from their home, many parents kick their girls out over here..."

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