Saturday, March 26, 2005

My sister and I went shopping today, i was going to buy a "Manto", a self-invented kind of clothes designed by Islamic republic of Iran after the revolution of 1979. I can say for sure that i hate Manto! isn't it funny that I hate what I wear at least 8 hours a day? But still in comparison with 20 years ago,-when mullahs had longer beards and smaller brains- we are so lucky! because the nasty Manotos are shorter now and they come in different nice colors, and wearing a nice pink manto on streets is no more Taboo, at least not in Tehran.

Everybody knows how much girls and women care for looking beautiful, how much they love wearing beautiful dresses with happy colors. yellow , pink,red, i love them all! but when you have a look at people on streets you realize that at least one of each 2 weomen is wearing black, but why? we are in 2005 not 1985, beautiful colors are not taboo anymore, they wont arrest us, wont send us to jails for wearing a beautiful yellow short Manto, then why don't the majority of girls still prefer black and other dark colors than light ones?? I know the answer cause i myself am one of them! i bought a dark Manto today not because i like dark colors no i hate them,and not because i dont like happy light colors no i love them!... well, if you are a girl who is not very slim, then wearing a light color Manto will make you look funny and overweight, you will seem fat! i myself wearing a light Manto look overweight but in a dark one i look slim, isn't it strange? i don't care if you think my story is silly or unreasonable, don't forget that i'm living in the heart of Tehran and i know how people think and act cause i am one them.

Now imagine that instead of these long montos which are like shortened pregnancy dresses we would wear a simple shirt and jeans, then the fat-looking problem would never appear, and no any young girl would be this silly to put light colors away and choose the dead dark colors!

PS: pictures belong to this website that I like so much...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today, we will start a new year in iran. 1384! new year will start at 16:03 this afternoon, all family gather, a special table is set in which there are 7 things that their names start with "s" sound in farsi, there is goldfish , friut and candy too, TV is on but nobody watches, then suddenly it says: the sart of the year 1384 and plays happy music, family starts kissing and hugging eachother, then elders give "eidi" to youngers, which is money in new bills, then maybe some talking and to eachother or reading some parts of Hafez poems, all celebration takes about 1 hour, then mom will go to telephone, calling relatives and friends and celebrate the new year,,, at night we have "Sabzi polo" + fish , its a special food for new year, and of course we will have company, Now we start a long holiday (13 days) and the new year,,,


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Being a "young a girl", means you can't move, you cant discover new things, you can't be ambitious, you can't and shouldn't stay on your own foot, you should never be proud of being brave, you should just keep yourself as a fresh and complete plate of food and do your best to be eaten by the right person, and spend all your life watching out pilfers!

A young girl shouldn't travel alone, a young girl shouldn't accept a well paid job cause Maybe the company wants to take advantages of her!! a young girl shouldn't stay free cause she finally needs a man to support her under the name of husband, that deceitful angel! It is noy worth a damn being a young girl! God! they make you hate being a flower and wish being a worm wriggling freeliy in the mud, little by little you reach the point that you hate all the good gifts nature has given you...

Hey be careful baby! you may regret for your today decisions in future!... What a disgusting advise!! my heart is full of joyful dreams, my brain is full of new and exciting plans, my body is full of energy ready and eager to make these plans real, BUT! i guess i should leave them all in trash and make myself ready for becoming a female robot doing daily duties of a usual woman and live my life till the end! Its so difficult to make yourself ready for something you have always hated! it's not easy to forget your dreams even though you see thousands of people do it.

Look! i don't let you nor anybody else make me bury my dreams with the excuse of caring for me! If i were a buffalo then i would just follow other buffalos to find my way, but I'M NOT A BUFF so i chose my own unique path by thinking, and i don't care weather my path is the same as that majority living in their comfortable safe places or not!!

each time i talk to you and you dont understand my words i feel like i swallow another volcano, One day i may become all fire, will burn me and all damn things you keep worrying for...

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jam, is the name of an American visitor of my blog and also my friend, Who wrote the lines below, Thank you Jam :)

In the Beginning the Lord created the Heaven and the Earth...

And the Lord (having recently rested from 6 days of creating), saw that the Internet was without Proper Form; indeed a Mindless Void.

And the Lord spoke, and said Let there be Blogs, and There Were, and he saw that it was good, and He smiled.

Then He watched and saw that Many were Evil, and the Blogs were being Abused by All Sorts, for the Wrong Reasons, and by Bad People.

After thinking about It (which takes no time, since He is God), he decided to watch and see what happened.

And, in time, it was discovered by the Thinking People that there was a Lot of Really Bad Stuff out there, and Something Must Be Done.

Many other people also thought this too, and decided to have a committees' committee look at the problem, and while they wasted more time looking up the rules and then arguing about what they meant and to who and how and why and when, the Good Hearted Folks Saw the Futility of acting like that.

And they tried. (And the Lord smiled, for his Good Kids Always Try Really, Really hard, and He Loves that a Lot.)

Then He saw what He wanted to See : The Thinking People, the Ones who Know Love and Pray for the Hateful, who want All Persons to be Brothers and Sisters : Began their Own Blogs. He saw This, and said That is Good! Seriously Way Good!.

And so again He Watched. The world was Awash in Bad Things, and Many Blogs were but a waste of precious space. And there were Many who Truly Used the Gift of the Blog for Good, so He Let Them continue.

Then one day, (August 8th, 2003, to be exact), He Looked upon His daughter, called Fatema, who lived in Persia (or Iran, depending on who was speaking), and Smiled Greatly : She, a Beloved Daughter, had begun a Blog. And she called it 'Iranian Girl', and He thought ‘This is True, so That is Good’. Then she subtitled it ‘An Iranian Girl is Writing about Anything!!’, and He was Most Impressed, for she showed the gift of her given mind, and was ready to take on the world. And He was Very proud.

Then He saw the opening words : ‘Hello, i will write here’ and it was posted at 10:24 AM.

Again He Smiled, even More Greatly, for a Favorite Daughter has set forth on a Journey of the Mind, of Observation and Reflection, Smiles and Thrills and Chills, of Memories past and Future fortunes. Yes, a journey indeed, and as the ancient adage so correctly observes : the Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.

And Fatema took a step.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The nasty exam is over now! i didn't do good, nevermind! i can feel strongly that my life is changed now, i spent the few days after exam searching for a suitable full-time job. and , wow!.. surprisingly i found out that i have allot of choice! i didn't know it before. it's good and gives me a hopeful view.

anyway, here i am again, back to my normal life. There are many things that i like to do, many plans for future. we are also getting close to new year in iran. apart from some boring customs that i should attend, i love new year because it's in Spring and makes everything fresh and lovely.

I'm making myself ready to live in this world!

PS : what does it mean when a mother tells her doughter to take more care of herself today? my mom said it when she saw me getting ready to go out today, i asked her why but she just laughed and promissed she will tell me later but not now,... im still wondering why.

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