Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Nafiseh  has an online photo gallery with a lot of interesting photoes about iran, there is also a special gallery for iranian women, i like her view point about "Islamic Hijab". her photoes show the dark, sad shadow covering the life of the religious women, though they themselves seem not to care about it...

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Today i went to Enghelab square. it's full of book stores there and i've always loved going there, searching for books, going from one store to another...

i had 10000 tomans with me and i could buy 2 books and 1 cd, i paid only 500 tomans for the cd included Microsof VisualBasic Studio 2004 + programming tools + learning files! thanks to our lazy government that never applies copyrights on anything!

i came home back by bus, and made myself busy listening to what people on the back seat were talking about, they were two girls who seemed to be old friends, one of them about 25 and the other one was 22 as i understood from their strange conversation...

A(25) : ...yeah, and i finally chose Tajukestan for studying PHD there, its 
good cause its near and it wont cost much flying home,

B(22) : you are exactly right, its very important if you can fly home back

A(25) :i should just wait till the end of Shahrivar, to present my thesis
lecture, and also do my surgeries ( she had explained before that she
would have plastic surgeries on her nose, and on her face removing some

B(22) :don't worry you have enough time...

A(25) : And you know? we never know what life brings for us, could you ever
guess that one day you will go to India?

B(22) : No, i myslef never...

A(25) :and who knows? maybe you find a good marriage case there and stay there
for ever,...

B(22) : yes, maybe...

A(25) : Just take my advise, money is the most important factor in choosing the
future husband, i myself, if my husband didnt have a house, what could i
do? Ahhh,, it would be so difficult, renting a house each year and
moving from one to another,..

B(22) : yes, exactly! it could be so difficult

A(25) : you know what? i believe that after marraige the woman should stop

B(22) : yes, i agree, because if you keep working and bringing an amount of
money home each month, it will make an ecpectation! and ...

A(25) : in fact, if you take my advice, dont marry anybody at all! marriage is
not good, just make friends, you cant do it in iran because our culture
doesnt accept it, but after you went to india, just make friendships (she
meant relationships) with boys. as many boys as you wanted(!!!)

B(22) : yes, you are right,thats what i want to do

A(25) : you know? iranian boys don't have capacity, they dont understand

B(22) : yes, they just want to take advantages of girls....


Wednesday, July 14, 2004


what a feeling!
for the first time in my life, i went to a class as a teacher.i could never guess what a unique and special experience teaching was!

there are many eyes looking at you waiting to see what you will say! you have to think of many things the same time, think of the words you are saying, think of the direction you are looking at, not to look at someone more than others, and also not to forget anybody sitting at a corner of the class, thinking of how to make things easy for them, thinking of the class sequence, not to lose time, so so challanging! God i love teaching!
i hope not to get tired of it as soon as i usually get tired of anything...

Sunday, July 11, 2004

It is raining in Tehran. just like Spring! HHmmmmm what a lovely weather!... Soon i will be graduated, what should i do? one day, finally, i will be convinced to bary my dreams, but till that time, i will try hard, with all the energy in my body! STRANGE! even after reading the book " All will die" by Simone De Beauvoir, Im still ambitious,,, despite all the disappointing feelings may attack you by reading her book, she has been a great woman, i love her, and i love her bright mind.

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