Sunday, August 08, 2004

Black creators! who are they really? you can find them everywhere! on streets, at schools, inside cars, in the houses, there are many of them in all over the city, but most of them can be find in offices and governmental organizations. they are in big amounts without any soul ( like insects!)....

once i was thinking that if i take a truck into an office and then make all those black creators get out of their rooms, load them in the truck and replace them with another group of black creators, NOTHING and exactly NOTHING could change in that office! because they never play any important role, they never want to be important, never want to be strong,

there is just one thing that makes them happy, " They like to seem black enough in the eyes of white creators! " and to catch this goal they are ready to accept any difficulty, they don't look into a white creator's eyes while talking to him, they gossip after a young black creator who looks a little blue that day, to show how they love their own dark color and how much they hate any bright or blue color, they try hard to look "cold and dry" while talking to a white creator, however they like him, and they also pretend to a friendly, kind and nice manner while being with a black creator, although they hate her!

and after passing each day, they go back home with a lot of sadness and sterss and unsatisfactory by their lives, without knowing the reason,,,

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