Friday, July 22, 2005

Just a Lady said...
Hi there Fatema, well come back. But I have this question in my mind, what are you for real? I mean when you put off that mask? Unmasked, you want to be more like…………. unveiled and loud, or, oh sorry just wondering. You seem to loathe your way of life so much. What ideal country or nation do you have in mind? Please don tell me “I don need the west” cause naturally you guyz are craving for “the west” way of life. Any ways, it is up to you guyz to catch up with the west. Look for ward to read your posts.

there are some parameters that show us how good and healthy a system (society- country- nation) is, i can name some of them, for example: equality, justice, freedom, welfare, education, strong economy, etc. these parameters dont belong to any special nation, not west not east, these are definitions of the quality of life. all countries, all governmental systems, should try to get as close as possible to these parameters. its clear that no country has been able to provide them 100% as we know there s no ideal thing in this world, but some countries are closer and some are further. west is closer i think. Iran is moving toward this goal, it still has a long way but we should try to accelerate this movement. WE, as members of this society, and not anybody else.

when i say women shouldnt be forced to wear hijab, it doesnt mean i crave for western countries, but i crave for freedom and equality.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Here i am again,
after a rather long time i feel i can write again.

Tehran is so hot. 42c today and will be 44 tomorrow. i cant stand my clothes, this nasty hijab bothers me everyday and every minute and every moment of the day! hurts my body and my soul. but it doesnt keep me from being active, im not dead tired yet.

i go to work everyday, while my male colleagues wear cool Tshirts, i have to stand my heavy warm dark long clothes. i also dont forget to wear my mask, a kind of behaviour mask, showing yourself what you really are not! the first thing you learn in iran is how to "Pretend!". its more essential for life than water is! you choose a kind of role that keeps you safe. like the one i chose, a calm serious girl who doesnt think of anything but her work, someone who obeys well with a very simple routine life! and god! how much i hate telling lie! its so difficult to play the role you are not! little by little, you find out that all other people around you are wearing masks too, and you see eachother everyday and work in the same place but never have the chance of knowing eachother truly. the hope for finding real friends is lost for ever. life is so artificial. no smell, no color, no beauty.

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