Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time is passing, i have not decided yet, which path is best for my life? there is lots of energy in human's soul and mind. all you need to do is to orient it, give it a direction, find a path to follow, a path which is best for you. i keep thinking and thinking,,

i have always been interested in "knowledge and science". so i can use my life in knowledge field. one good point about it is that it never comes to an end, there are always new things to learn, and it is challenging enough to satisfy an ambitious person like me.

Here it comes the question, "Science" is such a general word and can come in variety of fields: Mathematics, engineering, medical, psychology, social, etc. can i learn all of them? sure nobody can enter all of these fields deeply as we have short lives.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I am working... I wake up early in the morning everyday,, go to work on the 5th flour of this building, working in a team with other members and a leader. Everyday, after working for 8-9-10 hours I leave the company and go home, this is how I have spent my life for past 2 years..

I have seen lots of "bread worriers". this is how i name them, bread worriers are people who spend their lives working for the goal of preparing material for their lives. preparing good food, good clothing, good car, good house,whatever...

reading my writings which belong to past time, I see a different person with different struggles in her mind and soul... still there are many things that make my mind busy, but the fact is this : I have grown and this is a heppy happening. living in the real society, watching real people, smelling real smells, tauching and feeling the real life .. all of this can be such a greaaaaaaaaat teacher!

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