Thursday, March 03, 2005

The nasty exam is over now! i didn't do good, nevermind! i can feel strongly that my life is changed now, i spent the few days after exam searching for a suitable full-time job. and , wow!.. surprisingly i found out that i have allot of choice! i didn't know it before. it's good and gives me a hopeful view.

anyway, here i am again, back to my normal life. There are many things that i like to do, many plans for future. we are also getting close to new year in iran. apart from some boring customs that i should attend, i love new year because it's in Spring and makes everything fresh and lovely.

I'm making myself ready to live in this world!

PS : what does it mean when a mother tells her doughter to take more care of herself today? my mom said it when she saw me getting ready to go out today, i asked her why but she just laughed and promissed she will tell me later but not now,... im still wondering why.


Blogger TTIM said...

Welcome back! Perhaps your mother is concerned that you have neglected your health while taking exams?

9:11 AM  
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