Saturday, November 06, 2004

i like to start writing again...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Logic said; define writing. Reason said; put a pen on a sheet of paper and scracth what your knowledge says is the word, what you see is written. Heart said. Writing is voiceless cry of the wondering mind struggling to find a reason why??? Mind said, Writing? Have you ever seen the powerful fingers of my thoughts that grasp every single bar in this prison of memories, trying hard, shaking every single brick in this invisible walls within you to free itself? Have you ever seen the frightful, furious, gentle and vengeful fingers of my imagination struggling hard to break through veils of deafness, blindfolded, blinded physical senses of my prisoner, all for just simply TO shed a light upon the great volcano of my soul waiting for that moment to break lose? well if you want to see that prisoner, with a voice, or that soul illuminated, or that tear wiped aside and cleared, and witness this volcano burst asunder and with each piece flown apart forming beautiful lilies, red tulips, or red and yelow and white roses crowned with droplets of early dawn moment's dew, then read what is formed out of vibrations of my pen, the extention of these fingers upon this formless white, yellowish brown papers, they are my words, the written thoughts, the ultimate point for an imagination before taking shape in realities of a DREAM, FREEDOM that is writing.....A silence broke out....and roaring volcano shoke his body of mind yet once more. Falkon

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is your pic Fatima? Iranian girls are hot!


5:45 PM  
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