Monday, November 08, 2004

With a university degree now in my hands, It may seem a little strange that i spend most of my time at home, the reason is that i'm going to get prepared for another useless competition , "university entrance exam for post graduation". so i had to forget about well paid full-time jobs and just continue going to a part-time one, like i used to do as a student. and i should continue this way for more 3.5 months!

its boaring to stay home, however there are some good points about it too, i can read different magazines and books a lot more than before. i found something interesting in one of these magazines that was a very old version of Reader's Digest,( year 1973! ) i bought it from a newsstand at Enghelab square,...

after another discussion wit my mother last night, i got completely sure that she couldn't understand me!!, a few hours later i found this interesting writing about GENERATION GAP in the old magazine :

Never in our history has there been such freedom of expression as there is today; never such concern with the downtrodden by the so-called Establishment; never such concern for youth; never such concern for defendants by police and court authorities.

Many who are young will take that as an astonishing statement. this is because youth can measure in only one direction- from things as they are, towards their ideal of what things ought to be. they cannot measure backwards to things as they used to be, because they have not lived long enough; and they cannot measure laterally, to the condition of other societies on this earth, because they have not yet had the opportunity to know them well.

Older people must add these two measurments. this is the core reason why the generation gap exists...

Eric Sevareid

apart from this point that the writer had been from another country and had different life conditions, i like his words. to some extents, they can be international.


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