Thursday, November 11, 2004

Most of the emails i receive are from visitors who like my writings. (Thanks :)
but this e-mail is from someone whose name is Mahdi and he is resented,

Hi. I hope that God forgive us all, to be frank i wanna mention that you should watch you present to people I saw your weblog the other day and i visited "how to build a mullah", - He means the cartoon of a man empties his head from brain and becomes a mullah!(iranian-girl) - I got resented. of course I agree there are plenty of problems in the society but there are some red lines too that have got to be esteemed. I leave the rest to you.

i wish i knew Mahdi more, he didn't say anything about himself, what i really want to know is his age, i wonder to which generation he belongs to, is he a middle aged man? means that 25 years ago, as a young boy he had been on streets protesting and trying to change the regime and let mullahs start governing this country? or, he may be a young boy right now who is grown in a religous family, someone who always had to esteem some special red lines?

the other possibility is that he is a mullah himself, which is not a strong possibility at all because i dont think a mullah spend his time on learning English, there are always more important things to learn, like "How should a man punish his wife if she doesn't obey him completely.. ". But i also accept that there is a mullah, an exception, who knows English well.

Mahdi! you talked about the problems we have in the society, Yes, there are thousands of problems we have in our society, also thousands of problems in our country's economy, trade, politics, education,,, add them up and you will see MILLIONS of problems! but why??? have you ever thought of the reasons? we are living in a very rich country, aren't we? we have a great number of youth with high intelligence, don't we? then why do we have millions of problems? i tell you what i think, those who are at the top of the power pyramid, mostly muulahs, they claim spiritual abilities! Now who is brave enough to blame them on all big errors and mistakes they have made because their absence of specialized knowledge in how to manage a country...!?

mullahs need the red lines! They can't exist without those red lines! they are like that nasty kid who breaks the neighbor's window and escapes and hides behind his big, powerful daddy, denying all what he did! it's just that mullahs never had such big daddy, they had to build one themselves, this is Islam with its great GOD "Allah" that is playing the role of big daddy for them, all honest beleives of iranian nation is just like a tool in their hands, a money producer!

Do you think that Allah will punish me for putting that cartoon in my blog?will He get angry cause i made fun of mullahs who are plundering a country? no no no.. i can't beleive it, this beautiful wonderful world can't have these kinds of Gods!


Blogger Fatema said...

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3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep writing...and perhaps Mehdi should work on having a sense of humor! ;-)

4:39 AM  
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