Saturday, November 08, 2003

i was shocked after i heared those horrible news!!!

KHOOZESTAN, is the name of a poor province in south of iran,

their people are poor, and poverty never lets culture grow in a good way,

the only thing which is worth for their men, is their nasty prejudice! which has changed them into cruel animals!!

45 young girls were murdered by their close families in just 1 month!
one of them was a girl whose brother had found a card! in her books, a card with no any name or writing on it, the brother killed her, because the girl could never prove that she had not got the card from a boy!!!

it was a few months ago that one of these horrible stories was published to media, a man who cut his 4 year old daughter's head, because he thought the little girl had been raped by her uncle ( the man's brother, and he didn't think of killing the brother, but a small innocent four year old child)!

all of these amateur murderers have a common reason, they say that they wanted to keep their honour, although they loved their families!

what makes them think their sisters or doughters relationships with opposite sex may disturb their honours?

whats makes them think that their honour can be more important than a human's life?

what makes them this much cruel, to take a knife and cut the head of their young sisters or daughters?

whats makes the government keep silence about these disasters?

and, what makes the whole world not to care for those innocent girls who are living in that hell ?


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