Wednesday, October 22, 2003

What makes a man this much selfish? what makes him think that it's the DUTY of a woman (his wife/his mom/his sister/...) to do his personal works for him...??!!

What makes him this much rude to think all world is build just for him, and women are extra creatures?

What have they done that makes them this much proud about themselves? so that they are used to think all the mistakes made by women are big and silly, but all mistakes made by themselves are small and natural?

i can't understand it,.. it gets worst when you see that even society & government support this think that men are wise and women are stupid...! it happens many time that a TV soap-opera shows a family in which a girl or a mother of the family has problem in understanding simple facts! and others laugh at her...!

it makes me crazy when i see some of the women has believed it..! it is gone deeply into their mind that men are better and able to do hard works, but women can be good just in simple works... well.... THAT IS A BIG LIE!!!


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