Sunday, September 28, 2003

In any university, there are some general courses for all students without concerning their majors , such as sport , music , theater ,etc. it had been the same in iranian universities before the nasty revolution in 23 years ago...

after mullah khomeiny started his dictatorship in iran , they changed these nice courses into rligous terrible lessons! (except sport) , thier names are : ISLAMIC MORALS, ISLAMIC LEARNINGS(1&2), ISLAMIC REVOLUTION'S ORIGINS, HISTORY OF ISLAM, ISLAMIC(ARABIC) TEXTS... there are about 20 units of such courses that a student has to pass them during his/her education... that means almost 1 lesson in each semester. all university students with any major have to attend these classes ,and worst of all is that the teachers of these classes are mullahs most of the times!!

it was there that i realized how a horrible & dirty creature a mullah is! he enters the class... sits on teacher's chair, and starts talking about things in his mind! and its the time that you understand what a small head he has, and how silly he is in drawing a conclusion...

i remember one of them who got red of anger because he saw a girl and boy who sat next to each other on the yard bench of college. he thought it was a big sin and God would burn them in his hell!... another mullah who was an old man (and he also had 5 wives the same time) used to stare into girls eyes and watch each of them's face for few minutes, and talking about sex (directly or indirectly) during his words!...

all of them were men with big mental problems... during my education in university, i had attend such classes each week and heared thier incoherent/silly words... there are lots of young people in iran today , who hate mullahs from deep heart....I can say by sure that I AM ONE OF THEM.


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