Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Cooperation? what is it? i dont remember anybody ever tought me such thing,,, how should we work together, how should we gather and try for a common aim? is it possible?... is it true that its an essential skill that children should learn in shools? then,,why didnt i learn it at school? and nor any of my friends!,,,in fact,what did i learn at school during 12 years going there everydy? ...always a bad tempered angry teacher came to our class,,talking ,,and finally we were expected to memorize the texts which were in the books! ... and in those nasty mornings,,before going to class,we had to stand in rows for loong time,,sometimes they played quran (!) and some days the manager of school came and made boring speeches about that we are girls and the first thing which is important is the way we dress (keeping hijab) and the way we treat !
even after entering university,,,,nobody encouraged us to do the projects together,,,most of the times our teachers said that they will not accept the projects which are done by more than 1 student,,,and what was their reason? they said that they cant trust student in sharing the works equally between eachother!! funny!,,,any way,,, thats why there is nobody in iran who knows how to work (even how to behave) with others,,, believe it or not,iranian students learn exactly nothing at schools.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true in my country too. Good and bad is all different from the West.

6:12 PM  

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