Saturday, September 13, 2003

Comming home back from English class ...heavy traffic of Hemmat highway,,in a taxi,its me and 3 other people+driver,,, everybody is angry and tired ,becoz of hot weather and the nasty traffic which makes u sit in the car and wait and wait and wait,,,,, The woman beside me who seems to be tired,has fallen asleep,,a high level, dark colored car is moving beside the taxi,,its a Xantia car in which a man with white beard is driving ,a woman with a chador(veil) sitts next to him,,and two teenage girl and boy on the back sits,,,

i noticed that the taxi driver is looking at the same car,,,"He is Jasbi" he told us.. all iranians know him,,the head manager of Azad universities departments "bussiness"(!)in iran.

im thinking about the Islamic looks of his family,,and im wondering if he could start such a money maker business ,if he didnt look this much Islamic...


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