Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Today is a religious holiday in iran, because it is annual of Be'sat , the day in which Mohammed was chosen as a prophet, about 1400 years ago... they say it was God (Allah) who chose him, but i am not going to believe, there are lots of Arabian characters which are holy for Muslims, specially Shia people (Mohammed ,Ali, Hossein, Hasan,Fatema... )

in Iran , religious people love them ,and they like to put their names on their children (like my own parents)... these characters became more and more holy during history... Muslims believe that they had never done any sin during their lives, and they had known all kinds of science!! its strange that in the year 2003 there are still lots of superstitious people !

important sentence of me! : If you are going to make a nation blind, then make things holy in their eyes.


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