Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Mrs Ebadi came back to iran,... today, surfing the net, i was reading different reactions to her success, and i could find some funny interesting reactions!... i will talk about 3 of them:

1_ president of iran, Mr Khatami had said : "The Nobel Peace Prize is not very important, the ones that count are the scientific and literary prizes." You can read the whole story here.

2_ An iranian group that call themselves " the society of young girls friendship" , i am a young girl, but never heared of such group before!... anyway, they have said " Our dear Imam khomeini(!) told us whenever enemy is praising us, then it means we have made a mistake... so we are in doubt with her! "... they also add " we, members of society of young girls friendship, advice all youth to be aware and not to let advertisements make them far from reality"...

i was shocked..!! who are these members that advice iranian youth? when did such society formed..?( with this attractive anti-islamic name!)? where were they till now..? why do they think that the Nobel prize is given to Shirin Ebadi by our ENEMY ..?

3_Someone called Amil Imani had written a request letter, to ask Shirin Ebadi for becomming the president of iran! he has published this letter in the internet so that people sign it!... i can say by sure that not more than 5% of people who may sign this letter, knew her before her success in winning the Nobel prize... so, they are just repeating the same mistake that all of us did in electing Khatami, we became his adherent without knowing him well,..

I'm sure that i will never sign such letter, but in fact i prefer this brave lady to that chicken-hearted mullah Khatami..!


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