Friday, October 03, 2003

World is similar to a big high school, in which students are divided into different groups, (each group represents a country), there is a leader in any group who must be chosen by group members, different groups are always competiting, in order to be better than others, its always the leader of the group who should arrange the activities and manage the future programs, so, usually smartes students become leaders.

Now it is here that the bitter & funny story of iran can be understood, the leader of this group was chosen by a Big mistake!, a stupid student with lots of mental problems!... and we started falling... other groups were achieving their great developments, while we had to sit and listen to melancholy words of our leader...

except those who are melancholia and love the leader's words, the others are just thinking of a way to leave this silly group and join an other one, and other groups with their clever leaders act as fishermen! They bring their net and catch only big delicious fish!(genius brains).

still there is a big different between us and captive fish in nature, fish don't like to get out of his water,, But the water around us is so poisoned that we prefere to put away our marine life and breath in air, in opposite to our organism!... so , Lets keep trying hard, to seem delicious enough in the eyes of a fisherman!!


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