Saturday, November 01, 2003

Isn't it funny? the governmental laws and rules in Iran (with a semi-modern society) are defined from the pattern which had been followed by savage Arabian tribes in about 1400 years ago! they used to neglect all women's rights, just like most other countries in that old time, but the silly point is that we are still obeying them,...!

In the law book of Islamic Republic of Iran you can find such clear discriminations against women that makes the reader doubt if the edition date of the book is really 2003!!!

for instances:

a wife must not leave the house without permission of her husband! and if she leaves house for 1 hour, and her husband doesn't agree, he can go to a court and say it to the judge...!!

a girl can not get marry (for 1st time) anyone unless her father permit her, and it makes no different if she is 18 or 38 years old!

a husband can get divorce from his wife any time he wants ( just if he pays a specified amount of money which had been defined in marriage day)... but a wife cannot get divorce this easily,, she has to bring some special reasons for the court prove them somethings like he beats her, he drinks,, or things like that!

in a court, witnessing of a man equals to 2 women!!!

there are some jobs that are forbidden for women : being president of the country, religious leader (marja'e taghlid) or being a judge..!!

a man can have more than 1 wife (up to 4)!!!

It is forbidden for a female (!) to ride a bike or motorcycle! if the police see her, they can arrest her!

there are thousands of these silly discriminations in the rules of iran which are applying right now in the courts, families, and totally entire ISLAMIC society..!! they are like dark shadows, following you during your life, always reminding you that in this religion, you are considered as slaves and men are masters!!

it can be really so painful for any girl and woman with self-respect, injure the pride badly!!!


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