Friday, October 24, 2003

Part 2
There are many girls who don't like to wear hijab and scarf, there are many who hate it, and in opposite,there are many girls who like to wear,,

i myself am from the first group, and i have lots of friends, some of them believe in hijab, i usually don't talk about these things with them unless we are very close friends, because people's beliefs are not good topics for conversation, they may think you are busybody!

anyway... right now, if a girl takes off her scarf in the street , she will be arrested and will be send to the jail, and in there, God knows what may happen to her,, but i always wonder what will happen if one day, a large number of girls and women who disagree hijab, gather in a famous street of Tehran and take off their scarves and stay there without this nasty hijab for a while....?

of course nobody can arrest thousands of people, but,MMMmmmm... such dream will never change into real, again that old problem, fear & lack of union... it doesn't let us change...

PS: see these photoes


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