Monday, October 27, 2003

The month "Ramadan" (Ramazan) started in iran from today,, it's the name of a month in which Muslims fast during the day,,, they don't eat from sunrise in the morning till sunset in the evening,... everybody in my family fasts (except me..!),

so, my mother wakes up at 3 A.M each night , cooks a delicious meal, and then calls us to wake up and eat that..! ( in ordear not to get so much hungry during the day ) it's a strange experience to eat a heavy meal at 5 A.M in the morning, nobody usually doesn't have appetide for food in that soon hour of morning, specially after waking up from a deep sweet sleep, but as my mom is a wonderful cook and she cooks badly delicious!, we wake up and eat with a gentle smile on our lips..!

in this month, there is no food served in nowhere during the day, resturants are not open, schools & universities don't serve any food to students, and even in the factories there is no food for workers during the day! without caring to this point : "How about someone who doesn't believe in fasting? why should he/she suffer from hunger?".... how deeply i am feeling that ' politics and religion must get seprated!!!'


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