Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Some people are used to confuse between the real life and the life of poesy & romance....! i'm talking about those with the famous habitual phrase "MONEY CAN'T MAKE ANYBODY LUCKY!"... why are they thins much ineterested in pretending ?

they don't like the title of "Ordinary person" being sticked to them,,? or perhaps they don't have the courage of accepting low reality of this world...! or perhaps they have never tasted the bitter flavor of a real poverty..!

one of them was talking to me today,,, she said that her father used to be very rich , but he had bankrupt, and they had lost everything, and she had been living in a situation that family had money only for their food and nothing else! but after a period of time the situation got ok again...

her story was told and then her romantic opinion was that her family members were closer and more kind in those difficult days,, and said that after that God helped them and they again had money... i asked her, how much time did that poverty last? she answered 5 months!

well ,, the puzzle is solved! it had been just a variety in your life and thats why you can have such romantic point of view about it! now tell me, what if a dear member of your family got sick and you had to be a witness of her/his death because you couldn't afford the medical care?

HHHHmmmmmm she started thinking ,, and said "No, God wouldn't let it happen" ... but there are lots of these cases happening at the moment around us and noboy cares, not even God!


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