Sunday, December 14, 2003

People are near to death under the pressure, and those sheeps on the top of the power pyramid just know how to say BAAaa!!

Last night i was watching a report on TV, the topic was people's problems on special medicines, the reporter had gone to a famous public drugstore, people were gathered all around him,

an old woman said that the medicine prices had became so high recently, such that she had to pay 2 million toman (=2500 u.s.$) to buy sufficient medicine of a year for his son who had a special disease, an other old man who was a retired man said that he earned 100 thousands toman par month and had to spend 21 thousand toman per month in order to buy a medicine which helped him stay alive!..

an other man said that in a public hospital which is supposed to cure people for free, a doctor had asked him to pay 5 million toman as an "under desk money" (bribe) if he wanted him to do the surgery on his child! an other one said that most of the rare medicines are available in black market!.. many other people came and talked about their pain in front of the camera.

i knew that if TV is showing this program, its just and just because the parliament election is near and the government is trying to show itself careing for people, but still i was happy that those people had found a fortune to talk about their problems. in the TV stadium, the minister assistant was present and ready to answer about the report,

now guess what he said! he said that this kind of reporting is not scientific, and said that he had been teaching in university for a while before, and he had used to tell his students how to make a correct scientific report..! and he started to shift the blame on TV channel..!


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