Monday, December 08, 2003

It seems that i never get tired of gossiping about Islam and its prophet!

Since i am so busy these days (more busy than a bee! ;) i can't write here as much as before, i don't like it because i miss writing in my blog, anyway, someone called herself "just a girl" has written a comment and mentioned some interesting points,it seems she has some questions about the philosophy of some islamic rules such as fasting in Ramadan and wearing hijab, she likes to know if these rules can be a way for people to get in touch with their spiritual values.

i should say that i really don't know! human's spirit is very complicated , and also different in different people , but i know the effects of these rules on myself, (and somehow about the people around me).

i can say by sure that there can be no any direct relation between hunger and spiritual values in people! in the highschool, they tought us that "when some one tastes hunger in Ramadan , he/she will be aware of the difficulty of the the poor people's lives, so that will help them in future"

well, these words seem nice at first, but after growing up and after being in society more, i didn't see such affect in people who use to fast, most of the times they got moody of the daily hunger and thirst and were counting the minutes for the sunset ,to be able to eat again! but still continued it for the entire 1 month, because they were afraid of the hell's fire!and after 1 month fasting, they get so proud of themselves for doing their duty to God!

or,in higschool they told us that a girl should cover her hair and beauty from sick men's eyes, so that she will stay safe, later , that time i thought these "sick men" are just few number of men and its just them who can make life uncomfortable for me as a girl, but larte , thinking more about it, why should it be like this? there must be something wrong,

its like a closed loop! imagine an islamic society in which women should cover all their body when they are on street , like what Taliban forced Afghan women to do, in that society if a woman goes to street with her face out of the cover, that will look strange for men and may attract them and instigate them ,(the expressions of the teachers of religion) imagine the second society in which women are allowd to show their faces and hands, but also they have to wear long chador (veil) everywhere, in this society if a girl goes to street wearing Manto (these kind of funny long coats that we have to wear in iran), then men will be attracted and she will be in trouble for sure! now imagine the third society in which woman are allowd to wear Manto, now if someone wears a Tshirt and a pants, she will fall in trouble, and the story continues to infinite!

what i want to say is that the more hijab rules are strict in society, the more men become sensitive about it, about the prophet's instructions,"cultivate the virtue of modesty in your daughters, for the sake of safety as much as anything else."my mother has a small book full of prophet Mohammad's advices for women and girls,, i read it, and after that i draw a conclusion, 90% of his sayings were in a way which were profitable for men! (and its not strange, he himself was a man, and a selfish one). im going to write some parts of that book here in future,(and if somebody says that we can't be sure if Mohammed said them or not, i will have a very good answer for him/her! so just try it!)

about her opinion "If Mohammed (PBUH) had lived in a world of central heating, sunglasses, steel enclosed chariots (cars), I'm sure our lives would be different" this sentence is in contrast to itself, this is only a wild old primary society that needs a phenomenon called "PROPHET"! a prophet with his messages from God and his miracles! what a huge amount of excitement it could bring for the boaring atmosphere of 1400 years ago!and ,,

i was wondering, if he was in a developed country in 2003, how could he made the educated clever women to accept the funny law that says " a man can have 4 wives!" and how could he himself marry several young beautiful girls with this excuse that their husbads were killed in war and it was his duty as a prophe to protect these women, with marrying them!.

i guess the story of prophet's private life would be published in all newspapers and magazines , people could read and laugh!


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