Monday, January 26, 2004

"There is always a fear following you on streets"
I was comming home back , it was 6 pm , only about 1 hour after sunset , i was walking toward home in an area which was not very crowded, and also a little bit dark , a young man was walking , in an opposite direction , i changed my way into the other side of the street , im used to do it whenever a male creature(!) is getting near on an empty streat, after i did it, i saw that he did the same , he was getting near to me , again i changed my way and again he was getting nearer and nearer! Ah! i could see his face better now, one of those men who migrate to Tehran from a far town, with a hope to find a job, i had to shout on him ! he was in 1 meter distance and i was making myself ready to escape or may be even to fight with him! but fortunatly my shout made him scared enough to leave me and went far while nagging to himself,,, puuuuuaah! i could have a relax breath!...

finished! it happened for me just like a routine part of my dayly life! my heart stopped beating fast after 1 minute and everything became the same as before!..

i remembered my schoold days , the evening that i was comming home back , i was a 15 year old school girl , a very simple one , i was walking and a man stopped his car and asked me an address , a usual man in a usual car with a usual and polite way of speaking , so, me stupid believed him ! he said that the address was written on a piece of paper which was in his hand , asked me to read it and guide him, so i got near to his car to get the paper, and he gave me the paper, and then before i find time to have a look at it, took his hand out of the window of his car and made a hit into my belly , a hit that pushed me away on the ground , then he speed up the car and went ,

i was so confused ,just asking myself why he did it.


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