Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"The abused child often clings to the abusing parent rather than go to a foster home, and he later grows up to abuse his own children even though he hated the treatment he received"

Human's soul is so complicated, so difficult to know, i was shocked after reading the upper sentence in a sycological paper, childhood is a very important period in life time,

i always imagine what happens to those children who are living on streets, what do they eat? where do they sleep at night? what do they learn from their environment? what kind of men or women they will change into after they grow?

its so cruel that nobody cares for them, they will finally grow, each of them will become an adult with an undesirable childhood, a childhood without love, without feeling safe with anybody, without any game, without education and learning nice things, full of cruel dark cold streets,

someone should finally do something for them!


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