Thursday, January 01, 2004

I agree with Plate, ( he has started writing again, welcome back ;) ) , political problems shouldnt be mixed with this earthquake problems,, because these 2 are completly different fields, horrible earthquake ! in relation to people's blood and lives, its much more serious than dirty political thoughts! more important than what passes through political men's minds!...

i can't understand why president Khatami insistes on losing this small number of fans remained for him emong people! sometimes he says some words that shows a 100% mullah face of himslef!... we all know that he doesn't have enough power in the dictatorship of KHamene'i , but nobody had put a gun behind him that forces him to say stupid words about iranian's hopes and believes.

about US and diplomatic relation of this country with iran,.. i myself like american people ,they look nice ,simple,happy and free! but i dont like the american government's foriegn diplomacy, ( although its natural diplomacy for a superpower country!) still i think its better for Iran to have friendly relations with USA ,... anyway,...

me, as a simple un-important iraniangirl, thank US and all other countries which helped iran about the earthquake .

by the way!! ***HAPPY NEW YEAR*** to those who are starting a new year. ( in iran, new year starts at first of spring )


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